David Seidman
David Seidman

How Digital Mailroom’s Virtual Addresses Help You Market Your Company, Protect Your Privacy, and Cut Your Costs

It’s a mailroom service that promotes your business

Are you spending a lot on mail and other types of shipping? You don’t have to.

A virtual address is an office that can receive your mail, digitise it, and upload it to a web portal where you can view, edit, forward, and otherwise manage it. You can also use it as your address in marketing materials and on government documents that require a physical address.

Virtual addresses are particularly useful for startups and small businesses. “A virtual address gives a look of professionalism to your company,” says Business Partner magazine. “People will be able to mail in letters and other correspondence with ease, knowing that there is a physical address attached to your company.”

If you set up multiple addresses, you can establish your firm across state lines – an advantage in industries where customers prefer to deal with a local address. “You get your own street address in the state where you’re looking to establish a mailbox,” says the regional magazine I95 Business. “This gives you the business presence you need in that state along with the credibility your business desires.”

An alternative to costly office rents

“You will save tons of money,” says Business Partner. “It costs a lot of money for you to have an office space for the sole purpose of having an address. You can save a lot of rent by enlisting the services of a company that provides a virtual business address.”

Efficient mail services

“With a virtual business address, you’ll have a professionally staffed location filtering through your mail on your behalf,” says I95 Business. If mail arrives in your office, your employees may need to get multiple tasks out of the way before they can get around to it, but the staff at a virtual address devotes itself exclusively to uploading mail – fast.

Freedom and flexibility

A virtual address lets you do business anywhere while your company maintains a single, stable, secure location. You can travel, visit major customers, and even relocate your entire company without interrupting your business or confusing your customers.


Virtual addresses offer an extra advantage to people working from home. If you list your home as your business address, floods of business mail and unwanted visitors could interfere with your family life. In addition, some homeowners’ associations forbid announcing your home as a business. A virtual address takes those headaches away.


  • A professional image for your company

  • Privacy for your family if you work from home

  • Lower costs than renting office space

  • Complete mail services, including uploading mail to a web portal

  • Multiple locations to attract customers who prefer a local address

  • Saving time by outsourcing mail processing

  • Compliance with rules requiring a physical address, not a PO box

  • Convenience of reading and managing mail online from anywhere

  • Continuity of business operations while traveling or relocating

  • Scalability as your business grows

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