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Heard that a virtual mailbox UK might be a good option for your business? Virtual mailbox rental certainly brings valuable advantages. These benefits include improving the reputation of your business and your security. 

Want to know more about using this option for a private mailbox in the UK? We will introduce you to what this service is and tell you about the benefits of using a virtual mailbox service. 


What is a virtual mailbox? 

A virtual mailbox UK is a physical address for your business. It’s an alternative to using the address of your business premises or your home address and includes mail handling services. 

This type of address is very different from a PO box. You usually get a physical address. You also get additional services such as: 

  • Forwarding of all items of mail when necessary. 
  • Scanning of documents so that they can be read by the recipient online. 
  • Sorting and recycling of items which removes a business owner’s need to deal with spam mail. 

Renting a virtual mailbox for a small business means that you can keep your business dealings away from your residential address while still working from home. Once you have a virtual mailing address, your post is scanned and registered online. You can log in from anywhere in the world and check your post online. 

You can also have letters and parcels forwarded to you. Choosing what happens to your mail is simple and can be done on an item-by-item basis. 

This dedicated service is also sometimes referred to as “hybrid mail forwarding” or “virtual mail forwarding.” Whichever name you see used; it amounts to the same thing; a service that is highly beneficial to many businesses in the UK. 


Top Benefits of Using a Virtual Mailbox for Your Business

If you are going to invest in a private mailbox in the UK, you want to know it’s going to work for your business. There are many occasions when this type of service is a huge benefit such as a virtual mailbox for expats where they can keep on top of their mail from abroad. 

One of the occasions when virtual mailbox rental is most beneficial is in the business world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages you can get for your business if you have a virtual post mail address. 


Create trust and credibility 

Credibility is essential for the survival and growth of any business. Having a professional address is a big help with making this happen. Your customers get to know your address, and this gives them a positive feeling about your business. 

For example, if you have a virtual postal address in a good area, you gain a sense of status for your business. This is especially useful if you have a start-up and are trying to establish your business in a competitive market. It’s also helpful to brand new businesses that want to make a good impression from the start. 


Enhance privacy and gain extra protection

If your business is set up as a limited company, you need to register with Companies House in order to comply with the Companies House Act 2006. During registration you have to provide a business address. 

This can cause a problem if you run your business from home. Customers can come to your address uninvited, and people can track you on Google using the information from your business listing. 

Using a virtual mailbox means that you can register this address for your business. This protects your personal home address from unwanted attention. It also means that you keep your family protected from any issues that you may have with business clients. 


Separate business life from home life 

Following on from the previous advantage of a virtual mailbox, you can separate your home life from your business life. This is essential if you want to ensure your work-life balance is maintained. 

Using this mail service means that you can leave your home address for your personal mail even if you run your business from there. You can also ensure that you sort through your business mail only during working hours. This applies whether you have a limited company or are a sole trader. 

Removing a blurring of lines between your personal and business mail allows you to better differentiate between your business life and your home life. 


Separate mail into what is important and what is not 

Having a virtual mail address is not just about the address itself. You also get services like mail handling. This means that you never have to deal with advertising and spam if you choose not to. Most businesses receive a significant amount of unwanted mail items, so this is a major advantage. 

Your mail is sorted for you, so you only have to deal with the items that are important to your business. This is a significant time saving and allows you to concentrate your energy on other activities that are essential to the running of your business. 


Avoid disruption to mail services 

Do you travel a lot for business and struggle to keep on top of your mail? A virtual postal address is likely to be the perfect solution for you. 

All pieces of mail are dealt with quickly and efficiently while you are away. Items are scanned by the service provider. You can then access your scanned mail online so that you do not miss any vital information. 


Move physical premises without changing your business address 

Moving your business address can mean that it takes time for customers and associates to catch up with your new details. This can cause delays for your business and your customers and have an adverse effect on your reputation. 

Using a virtual business address means that you can navigate around this potential issue. There is no need to change this virtual address, so all your mail is delivered and dealt with as normal. The provider will simply forward any physical items you need to your new location. 


Escape from restrictions on trading addresses 

If you live in a rental property, you may be prevented from conducting business activities there. Often, there is a clause in your rental contract that prevents you from taking part in any commercial activities at the address. 

In order to prevent any problems from happening, you can use a different virtual registered address for your business. This allows you to continue to trade without registering your business at your home address. 


Save on the cost of business premises 

As we have already touched on, operating a business that requires using your home address is often not ideal. You may not want to divulge your home address when you register your business. This is especially likely to be the case if you are not the only person who is living at the address. 

One solution to this is to operate a separate business premises but this can be expensive. You can save on this cost by simply using a virtual mailbox so that you can operate your business from home without revealing your residential address. 


Create a national presence with addresses across the country 

As your business begins to grow, creating a sense of expansion is valuable. It helps to show that you have a presence in different parts of the country. Of course, if you were to rent or buy several premises this would be expensive and may well be outside of your budget. 

Choosing to purchase virtual addresses allows you to create the feeling of expansion without investing in further premises. You can opt for prestigious addresses in areas of the country where you are seeking to establish a customer base. This makes it more likely that potential customers will see your business as one that they want to deal with. 


Get immediate access to Mail

If you own a business, you know how essential it is that you get to read your mail as soon as possible. You could be missing out on a business opportunity, or neglecting a financial situation, if this does not happen. 

Once you sign up for a virtual mail service, your mail is handled for you. Each item of mail is scanned, and you get a notification when this process is complete. You can then access your mail from any device no matter where you are. 

After checking your mail, you can decide what action to take. The whole process is simple and makes it easier for you to make informed business decisions efficiently. 




Is a virtual mailbox safe?

Virtual mailboxes are completely safe to use as long as you choose a reputable provider. These providers have security procedures and processes in place to make sure that your mail is always handled safely. 

For example, employees of the company pass strict background checks and mail opening happens in secure rooms. Nothing is left to chance. 

In addition, providers use online security and virus protection to ensure that your data is safe online. This means that you have no concerns when you are accessing your mail once it has been scanned. 

Overall, using this type of address is often more secure than using a regular postal address as it does not reveal your physical whereabouts. 

Remember to check the security measures that the provider has in place before you sign up. Doing this gives you complete peace of mind. 


Can I use a virtual mailbox for my LLC?

It’s completely legal to use a virtual mailbox for an LLC (known as a Private Limited Company in the UK) because it’s an actual physical address. You can use this address when you first set up and register your business. It helps to give a professional edge to your business. 

You do not have to be an LLC (Private Limited Company) to use one of these addresses. Sole traders can also benefit from using a virtual mailbox, especially if they are trading from their personal residence. 



A virtual mailbox is a valuable purchase for most businesses. It allows a business to grow its reputation without having to invest in expensive additional business premises. It also provides an opportunity for a business to register with a premium address that elicits a sense of trust in customers. 

Virtual mail services also include mail handling, sorting, and scanning. This means that business owners no longer have to deal with time consuming spam mail items. They can dedicate their time to activities that are more valuable to the business. 

Like the sound of what a virtual mailbox can offer for your business? You can speak to our expert team at Digital Mailroom who will answer any questions you have and discuss your requirements with you. 

You can also pass this essential information on to colleagues and friends by sharing this article and spreading the word about the benefits of a virtual mailing address. 


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